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Hello!  First all, I’d like to extend a big fucking THANK YOU to all the great folk who came out to see me at Stand Up Live! In Phoenix, AZ!  I had a blast, and I hope you did too.


In this fucking one, I run my mouth off about how great it is to sing:  “Under My Thumb” by The Stones when your girl is going off on Women’s Rights.


I get made a fuck out of by some uppity pile of dog shit I tried to help in a parking lot.


Headlights staying on an extra eight seconds is the most useless feature in a car fucking ever.


I finally finished the very good, but way to fucking gimmicky House Of Leaves.


And I just started reading a great book on the motherfucking DREAM TEAM!!!  The ORIGIONAL one, not these new ones that lose to Argentina every fucking chance they get.


Thanks for listening, and talk soon!


-Jerry (who the fuck else would it be??  It’s my fucking website.  Of course it should be me signing off)