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Howdy, here right here I run my mouth off about how choosing to live life equals taking some shit from time to time, the bullshit scam of Los Angeles “street cleaning”, how as bad as taking shit can be, getting your dick sucked is somehow able to wipe the slate clean.  Also included is a fight my girlfriend and I had where she had the balls to NOT put the Millennium Falcon at #1 in all time spaceships, that my friends is fucking unacceptable, and I don’t give a fuck about the Serenity (a flying duck), the fucking Tardis (a fucking time machine, not a fucking spaceship) or whatever else she threw out there.  Finally, I get all warm and fuzzy remembering the time I saw the great Japanese band Mono in Denton way back when.  Oh, and I sing Gary Wright’s “Love is Alive”.  That alone should be worth the price of admission.  Thanks for listening, and see you soon.  I love you all.