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Why hello there!  In this Ramble I don’t shut my fucking mouth about several things while I sing the theme from Three’s Company over and over.  That song has been in my fucking head for 30 years now.  I’m sorry.   Anyway back to the ramble:  I blab about Christopher Dorner (basically how he would have been a hero had he just gone after the people who hand out parking tickets), Oscar Pistorius (backing up my belief that you should never trust white people from Africa), a great & crappy show I did (I do a lot of those, but this one was pretty damned memorable), a NINE time Juggling World Champion (Fucking Jordan didn’t even win NINE fucking times), The sad truth about relationships (if you choose not to be a cheating pile of shit, then you quickly run out of shit to masturbate to which leads to several desperate and sad google searches), and I give a shout out to Subdivisions by Rush.  I hope you folks enjoy it.   Thank you as always for listening!